The simpler way to design & build your dream home.

Imagine we could change what you thought you knew about designing and building a home. We’d streamline the process, cut out the frustration of ever-extending deadlines and unexpected costs and make you the proud owner of a home that is still customised to meet your every taste and style. Imagine it. Done!


INTRODUCING RAW MODULE. The world-class, innovative and intelligent lifestyle alternative that aims to change the future of our construction industry.


Our patented process eliminates the risk of building by saving you time, cutting costs and improving quality whilst allowing for a seamless integration of conventional and high-quality building materials.


Our standardized range of world-class modules are built with outstanding quality control, less wasted materials, and less required time. It’s the ultimate tipping point between conventional building methods & industry-changing technology.


Our standardized range of modules integrates all the cabinetry, appliances and services (electrical, plumbing, gas etc.) but still allows you to add your own personalised touch of style and sophistication with a choice of finishes, tops and fittings.

Transport concerns? All our modules and components fit snug into full-height containers, which makes it possible for them to be safely transported and shipped to any destination worldwide.



Designing your own home can be complicated, overwhelming and expensive. We simplify the process by designing at a fraction of the time & cost by offering a library of pre-designed modules and components. Size, layout, orientation and aesthetics is flexible to meet your lifestyle requirements.

Our innovative design process enables us to offer our clients 3D animated visualization of the final product so that we can bring your home to life. Before we build it.


The nature of construction is one of complexity and uncertainty. And what makes our loadbearing modules an intelligent choice is its construction and handling simplicity. No cranes. No complexities. No downtime.

The process? Modules are bolted to a concrete slab and connected with a steel frame to form the building structure. The roof is positioned first to allow for internal and external work to progress simultaneously. High quality conventional and alternative building materials are used to enclose the structure whilst still giving you the opportunity to style your home… your way.